Keep Those Skates Sharp!

Ice skating is essential for curling. Before venturing onto the ice, it is essential to have the proper blades. The skates are the most important element for enjoying and mastering the sport, and it’s important to make sure that your skates are kept sharp. If you’ve ever looked for tutorials or guidance on sharpening skates, you know it can be a challenge to find the right information.

Whether you’re a casual skater or a professional, it’s important to keep your ice skate blades sharp and in good condition to ensure you can perform at your best. Sharper blades enable you to make better turns, although they are slower than duller blades because they dig deeper into the ice. Every time after use, it’s important to check the blades to see if they are dull or not. The rate at which you’ll need to sharpen your skates depends on the number of hours you use them each week. When sharpening metal blades, be mindful not to do so excessively, as this can damage them, and cause them to wear down quickly, requiring you to replace them more often. On newer ice skates, you can find a line indicating the point at which the blades can no longer be sharpened – when you reach this line, it’s time to purchase new blades.

To check your ice skate blades to see if they need sharpening, run your fingernail lightly down the edge of each blade. If each metal blade is sharp, it will tend to dig into your nail. If it is dull, then the blade will just slide across your nail with no tendency to dig into it, and you will know that it’s time to sharpen your ice skates. Of course, you will have to sharpen the blades of ice skates every time you buy a new pair because they are not sharpened by the manufacturer.

You won’t need to purchase any special tools for sharpening your ice skate blades. You will just need a vise, a whetstone, and a bottle of honing oil. The first step is to wrap an old towel around the boot of one of the ice skates. This will protect the leather covering of the boot from scratches and gouges. Then, place the skate upside down in the vise so the blade is held vertically. Tighten the vise so the ice skate is held firmly, but not too tightly.

The next step is to pour a little of the honing oil onto the whetstone. (Pour a little more of the oil onto the stone every time it starts to drag across the blade.) Now, position the whetstone so that it is at a right angle, starting at one end of the blade. Make sure the stone extends an inch or two over the blade. (Never try to sharpen your blades by simply running the stone flatly back and forth. This motion would only serve to erode the stone.) Now, move – but don’t apply pressure – the whetstone away from your body, then bring it back to you. Repeat this process five or six times, and then check the sharpness of the blade. If it needs additional sharpening, repeat the process again.

The next step is to start sharpening the blade by moving the whetstone along the opposite angle. Wipe any metal shavings off of the whetstone, then apply a little more honing oil to it before you start again. Repeat the same steps that you did at a right angle until the metal blade of the ice skate is sharpened. The final step is to clean the burrs off the sides of the blade. Use the whetstone and place an end of it flatly against the metal blade. Now, run it lightly up and down the blade until it is smooth and clean. Before you put the ice skate away, be sure that you put the storage guard on the blade. These guards protect the blades from moisture and rust.

You will need to sharpen the other skate blade in the same manner as you did the first. Afterwards, make sure to put the storage guard on the other blade too. Then, store your ice skates in a a dry place away from cold and moisture.

Keeping your ice hockey skates in top shape requires proper care and regular sharpening. Doing so will extend the life of your skates, help you use less energy for acceleration and make it easier to change directions and stop quickly. Here are the steps to follow for proper skate care and sharpening:

1. Find a professional shop to sharpen your skates.
2. Ask them questions about their methods and how frequently they sharpen skates.
3. Make sure the shop offers experienced technicians and provides services such as boot rebuilding, custom-fit skates, and mounting carriers.