Heated Seats for the Ice Rink

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy curling while anguishing on the cold bleachers of an ice rink. Heated seat cushions give a whole new meaning to the term “bench warmer” as you’ll discover at Kindersport.com.

Here are a few of the features that make heated stadium seats great:

* They are totally portable, so you can take them wherever you go
* They are self contained, so you do not need to worry with remembering to take heat packs along
* Less cost to operate thanks to rechargeable battery packs
* Many come with an optional car charger for the battery pack
* Many different styles and colors
* Incredibly lightweight

Price Range of Heated Stadium Seats

Heated Stadium Seats

What you can expect to pay for heated stadium seats will vary based on where you purchase yours and its style and features. A heated massaging stadium seat with back support will cost around $100-$125; backless models without the massage feature will range from around $50 to $75.

There are also some lower end models in the $20 range, but they don’t offer the same features or durability as the middle and higher end seating options. Some models hold their charge longer than others, too.

Most models are made of water resistant fabric or coated with polyurethane for added protection. Models with back support fold up for easy portability, and most models have a strap or handle for convenient carrying.

Uses for Heated Stadium Seats

Heated stadium seats aren’t just for sports events. They have many other uses as well. They are great for camping trips, hunting, fishing, air transport, boating, snowmobile riding, wheelchairs, and anywhere else where you want comfortable seating. They are popular for sports events, too, however, such as football, baseball, soccer, etc.

Let’s face it; no one wants to attend a cheer event or little league game while having to endure the most uncomfortable bleacher seating that is ice cold. Hunters love them for their duck blinds or deer stands; for those who love ice fishing, heated stadium seats are a terrific option.

Be prepared for your next outing or sports event with a heated stadium seat. It will add to your comfort so you can devote your attention to the interests at hand. Once you get your seat the rest of the family will want one, too, so take advantage of the discounts you can receive by purchasing in multiples.